Chanel Bags Increase in Price for Europe as of May 2017

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Chanel Europe has recently increased its prices by the end of May 2017. The French fashion house has increased the prices of their iconic designs such as the Classic Flap and Reissue bags by up to almost 5%. Surprisingly, the Small Classic Flap and Reissue 224 have decreased its prices to about 2.7%. While the Boy Bags, have increased to up to 7%. The recent price adjustments took effect when the Metiers D’Art Pre-Fall 2017 Collection came out. However, the Spring/Summer 2017 Collection Act 2 and the Gabrielle bags were not affected by this.

As for now, only Europe has increased its prices. No word yet if other countries like North America and United Kingdom will follow suit. For the full Chanel Europe Bag Price List, check here.


Style & Price

Chanel Classic Flaps


New Price

Old Price

% Increase

Chanel Mini Classic Flap Bag €2,360.00 €2,250.00 4.9%
Chanel Small Classic Flap Bag €3,990.00 €4,100.00 -2.7%
Chanel Medium Classic Flap Bag €4,480.00 €4,260.00 5.2%
Chanel Jumbo Classic Flap Bag €4,990.00 €4,750.00 5.05%
Chanel Maxi Classic Flap Bag €5,420.00 €5,160.00 5.04%
Chanel Reissue 225 Bag €4,480.00 €4,260.00 5.2%
Chanel Reissue 226 Bag €4,990.00 €4,750.00 5.05%
Chanel Reissue 227 Bag €5,420.00 €5,160.00 5.04%
Chanel Classic Quilted WOC Bag €1,865.00 €1,740.00 7.2%

Chanel Boy Bags


New Price

Old Price

% Increase

Chanel Small Boy Bag €3,660.00 €3,420.00 7.02%
Chanel Old Medium Boy Bag €3,980.00 €3,720.00 7%
Chanel New Medium Boy Bag €4,440.00 €4,150.00 7%
Chanel Boy WOC Bag €1,980.00 €1,850.00 7.03%

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Hermès Is Bringing Its Hermèsmatic Pop-Up to NYC

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Though Hermès bags are more in my wheelhouse, Hermès scarves have a massive following as well (just check out this scarf of the day thread!). There are so many scarves released by the brand, signifying the year, the theme, a color story, and beyond. Though the house is very old in some ways, in others Hermès is young and fresh with initiatives like this. For a few days this month in NYC, Hermès is bringing it’s Hermèsmatic Pop-Up Store to the city which allows customers to give their Hermès silk scarves a sprucing up.

This pop-up allows you to take part in the complementary dip dye wash program where you can bring your vintage scarves and have them updated via washing machines and dip-dying. There are some photos floating around that show before and afters and while the change of color is nice, the entire set-up seems like quite the experience. Every detail is thought out to make it a very Hermès event from the retro laundromat to the orange washing machines, orange waiting seats, and Hermès washing powder.

before | after. via fromparis on tpf.

A member on our forum, Pegase, shared a wealth of knowledge about the Hermèsmatic Pop-Up as it’s a traveling event hitting other major cities and she’s already visited. Pegase reports you can bring as many scarfs as you’d like to have dip dyed and it’s free. When she visited in Munich, there were 6 colors you could choose from, Gray, Violet, Red, Olive, Yellow, Pink and Red. Once you have your scarf treated, you pick it up two days later as it needs to be washed, dyed and washed again. The scarves are returned to you in a special canvas pouch and they give you Hermès soap in a cube, but you have to ask for it! It’s important to note that Hermès won’t take responsibility for the results as they can not tell you what the final version your scarf will look like.

before | after. via pegase on tpf.

I included some photos from the other pop-ups and results, but if you’re in NYC and can stop by, take a scarf and try this out and share with us how it goes! There’s a long thread on the PurseForum discussing this, so you could meet up with other tPFers and even if you don’t have a scarf, it’s probably a sight to see. Event details are below:

Hermèsmatic Pop-Up Store 
90 Gansevoort Street, New York
Wednesday, June 14 through Sunday, June 18, 2017
11:00am – 8:00pm


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Chanel: Get Your (Coco) Crush On

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Chanel’s hit jewellery line, Coco Crush, has been reinventing itself ever so often, and with 2017 the French luxury house is taking it a notch up by adding all-new earrings and bracelets (bangles), alongside a new ring that’s adorned with diamonds within the X, these standout pieces will ensure that your crush never ends.


Newly added, there are 2 distinct styles as far as the earrings are concerned. The first, simply named Coco Crush Earrings come in yellow gold (SGD4490) or white gold (SGD7090) that’s adorned with just the right amount of diamonds to satisfy your love for the precious stones. The second design, known as Coco Crush Asymmetrical Earrings (SGD8230) is something different – essentially 3 earrings linked together by gold pin. Cool, edgy with just the right amount of bling (2 earrings are in yellow gold with a third in white gold adorned with diamonds), you can wear them singly (or all together) for an almost different look every day.


Then there are the new Coco Crush bracelets (or bangles, if you prefer). Available in 18K yellow gold (SGD9450) with sizes ranging from 15 cm all the way till 18 cm (we’re pretty sure some of the boys will be able to get in on the action too),  the quilted motif bangles extend to opulent variations that comes in white gold (SGD14,400) or yellow gold (SGD13,640) set with 81 beautiful diamonds on it’s quilted X patterned body.


Last but by no means least, there are the beige gold rings sprinkled with diamonds are available in a Small (SGD6170) and a thicker Medium(SGD10280), both of which are perfect additions to your existing Coco Crush collection, yes? Wear them alone or stacked alongside your existing pieces, you can head down to Chanel’s Fine Jewellery Boutique at Ngee Ann City where all the new pieces are now available for your viewing (and buying) pleasure. Or just have a look and keep the crush alive, because dreams always eventually do come true.

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Goyard, a French brand known for making trunk and leather goods since 1853 is now making headlines with its newest Millesime marquage design this 2017. Without further ado, here is the Goyard Banniere Print in all its splendor.

“Banniere”, a French word which literally means “Banner” is a celebration of one’s own personality and uniqueness. What does that mean? If you take a look at these Goyard Banniere Print, you’ll notice that they feature a beautiful interaction of geometric prints in stripes. The Banniere Print features a stripe pattern in a variety of the brand’s color combination and you can choose which one caters to your own liking.

As if floating, playfully fluttering in the wind, these stripes can be personalized to your own preferences. With a number of colors that you can choose from, you will never run out of stripe color mixture ideas. The Goyard Banniere Print can be monogrammed on several Goyard trunks, suitcases, bags, and even on small leather goods! What’s more exciting is the fact that you can personally meet a painter for private consultation during Goyard’s Marquage Tours.










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CoachSpace: A Cosmic Collection

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Earth to Rexy, do you copy? In the cute video we at Bagaholicboy did in collaboration with Coach (which you can now check out in full over on Instagram), Rexy wanders off her little Dinky and decides to jump in, unknowingly falling into Coach’s new cosmic universe of RTW, bags and SLGs, also known as #CoachSpace for short.

So what’s #CoachSpace all about, you may ask? Well, it’s a limited edition capsule collection that captures the spirit of exploration and discovery. And explore Rexy did, with two other key pieces that caught her eye, a smaller Dinky and a Saddle that have been given the #CoachSpace treatment, complete with cute space-themed patches.


Retailing for SGD695, SGD650 and SGD995 for the space-themed Dinky, Dinkier (Coach’s cute way of referring to the smaller Dinky) and the Saddle, these are just 3 of the many, many new pieces in this collection that will have you over the moon. Expect clutches, card cases, even wallets of all shapes and sizes, along with bag charms galore. Who can resist for example, Jetpack Rexy that comes with her own space helmet (SGD550), hangtags in various designs (SGD85 each), even RTW like bomber jackets, tees and shoes for both boys and girls?

All available now at Coach boutiques across the island, you can first check them all out now online via Coach and see what your must-have favourites are, along with their prices in SGD. Now excuse me, there’s a Rexy pin (she’s wearing a space helmet!) that’s calling out for me.

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Fendi Flower Bloom Collection 2017

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Fendi Flower Bloom Collection 2017 Fendi Flower Bloom Collection 2017

Fendi Flower Bloom is the latest collection presents a wide selection of fashion and accessories with an embellished flower ornament. Fendi Baguette coveted Double Micro design is embellished with vibrant leather flowers and gold tone studding for a breathtaking effect. A luxurious chain strap completes the playful two compartment style. Carry it wearing a sheath dress for a subtle ‘ 60s vibe. Fendi throws its signature your colourful flowers over a miniature backpack with charming results. Crafted from smooth leather grey, the boxy style is decorated with an array of shiny studs and has an interior compartment that is roomy enough for all your essentials. We love the adjustable shoulder straps, finished with silver-tone chains. Add a sophisticated accent to your statement with this embellished shoulder bag strap. Crafted from burgundy-hued smooth leather, the design is decorated with flower-shape appliqués in red, orange and pink hues. Silver-tone and golden studs enhance the luxe quality.

Fendi Embellished wool sweater Fendi Flower Bloom Collection 2017Fendi Leather shoulder strap Fendi Flower Bloom Collection 2017Fendi Double Micro Baguette leather embellished shoulder bag Fendi Flower Bloom Collection 2017Fendi Embellished leather backpack Fendi Flower Bloom Collection 2017

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